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This is a simple and relaxing (sorta) game that can be whipped out whenever you have a few minutes to kill! An amusing spin on merging games which adds some entertaining physics (bouncing pills!) to the regular merging game genre 👍

What I enjoyed
✅ Cute and simple graphics
✅ Easy to grasp gameplay
✅ SATISFYING when the pills merge!
✅ ABSOLUTELY NO ADS! Such a rare occurrence these days...thank you developers for this, we appreciate being able to enjoy your game in peace! 💕
✅ The way the pills bounce off each other or land just a tiiiiiny distance apart (and don't merge) is both funny and frustrating at the same time 😂

What could be improved
🤔 See above point
🤔 Not very engaging... Each game is...really long... I've actually never had the patience to fill up the game screen and "lose". I just quit after 5 minutes every time 🙈

How did you find it? Share your review with me! 👀

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Indie game, indie game review! (An Ex-Qoo-sive Game) Also, the first review for this game on QooApp! [TL;DR] A mediocre remake of merging game. A mix of Dr. Mario+2048+No Aiming-Assist Style Freefalling drop. [Honest Review] If you want something simple yet requires HIGHLY ACCURATE AIMING and a 50% luck upon landing, play this game. Quite relaxing indeed. It's hard to rate indie games above the average of 3 in general. So, it's not really that bad to the point where you say: THIS IS UNPLAYABLE. Not educational at all, so probably not helping your kids in learning, association and processing.



Uh, I honestly expected more from this game, I personally get stressed more than relaxed. The sound is good, I like the background music, it's relaxing, but I find the sound of the pills falling annoying, especially when it stucks a bit and the sound gets worse. Honestly, I don't think this is a very interesting game, the design is too simple and the gameplay, well, it's just to play a couple of times and then never again. Since there is a cat on the cover I was expecting more kittens in the game, but only when you collect 10 pills do you have a kitten inside it, that's all. I don't like to give bad reviews, but honestly I didn't like the game and I wouldn't recommend it. [no]

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