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Thaao Hanshew


This is a zoo/furry clicker game where you date animals that eventually turn into furries. But other than the first couple of guys, they will be animals for most of the time. They make lots of puns and stupid animal jokes. Apparently they will turn into normal guys after a VERY long time. You are going to be spending way more time with animals than boys. The artist is better at drawing animals than people, so the animals look really good.

The gameplay is standard clicker idle gameplay with an interesting "time block" system where basically you have to allocate your resources to what you want to work on at the time. After enough clicks and time passed you can increase your relationship with the animals.

If you've ever wanted to date a talking cartoon animal this game can make your dreams come true. Wide variety of animals... so far in the game there is a bunny, wolf, chicken, horse, lemur, and bull and it looks like they will add many more in updates including stuff like a snake. Theres also a paid DLC character for $2 but I don't know what animal he is going to be when you buy him.

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I played this before and i still love BlushBlush! Back on 2019(i guess) I've downloaded on PC excitingly and it's free & want DLC ahem lol. Now, it's on mobile and i download it for some reason... If you didnt know what i meant, it's from other platform i had downloaded. Had long played in my laptop, but always missed the events(pin-ups ofc XD) i don't often open up my pc so i decide to add it to phone and might do the trick! Well, it will be update and notify. Damn i low on gemstones ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ It's a clickin' game and have to build up your relationship with sum boys! Hell yea... BUT that's because of something and your job is to lift up their curse from being ‘Manimals’ 👀 Going back to my review, Unique characters and many more to come(i promise). Just like in PC, everything is the same. Love the cute face reactions(Volks my boi) and wish it's all fully voiced tho. The picture is so sad 😭 that it cuts in the scenes when dating them. Poor ducky.And there's Phone Fling.. another to chat with random dudes. Might be great friends(My man Felix & poe♡) and guys from there will add on too. There's a time block to put you to work and hobby. Achieve the achievements and that'll add up your reset boost! Why? So that your game progress will be speedy fast when resetting it. This can cause to go back to the beginning tbh. It's ok, this gonna do faster than before. Though I'm glad their outfits will add to it! Ever Since missing all the event, hopefully there's that and I could admire the beautiful bod- Art! The art is looking fine!



It's an interesting clicker game with cute anime boys. As far as I know there are more guys coming soon and that's good! A game that gets frequenly updated is always a good game. I can't say too much about it, but I do like the art style plus you can play it whenever you're bored 😌

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