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Tik Tik Tik


Add English language plzzzzz .why every good game not release with English language support ..always disappointed by dev not adding english .. now i cant play .. i am dieing ... :(

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Michael Ishibashi


So this is an interesting game that went under my radar for quite a while! Uncrowned is a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS) with some hero based elements. Each battle has you moving troops from your home base, to other buildings / camps around the battlefield, as you try to conquer all of them before attacking the enemy's stronghold. You only have a limited number of soldiers to send out at a time, but each stronghold you have will generate more. So you'll need to focus on which builds have soldiers and decide where you want to send them, as efficiently as possible! (For a super obscure reference, the gameplay is similar to Soul Calibur III's Chronicles of the Sword mode.) However, each battle only lasts 4 minutes. So you'll want to act fast and conquer as much as you can before your enemy does! And to aid you are heroes you can earn by ranking up or earning at random. You can send them out to conquer bases and attack enemies, and they're WAY stronger than your normal soldiers. The graphics are unfortunately a little underwhelming at points. The backgrounds and character portraits are nice, but the actual characters you see in battles are like little simple stick figures. But the music more than makes up for it! Some of the tracks remind me of some of the old school JRPG soundtracks, which is a great thing! Check this one out if you want a game with some good solid fun and if you're willing to overlook some of the graphics.

beny newtron


good game overall

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