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Lapis Re:LiGHTS | Japanese

Lapis Re:LiGHTS | Japanese

Lapis Re:LiGHTS | Japanese

miiya saki


hello hello im back
so long times not give review on qooapp
actually im already playing this game over 2months hahaha
ok back to review:

storyline ( 5/5 )
if anyone not knowing actually lapis Re: light already have anime before this game have released.. storyline between anime and game is different the main difference is because in anime no have (player) story but in game have it so maybe the anime is prologue before game start or not include it and start with new version story..the story in game is funny like hell and i loved it [開心][開心]

music (5/5)
anyone who love idol music game i really recommended this game you guys will love this game too..have many genres of song that can make you like it btw this game is not base like idol game that you need to tap many times to get full score so don't worry [為什麼]

gameplay (4.5/5)
it hard to say because im f2p player too sometimes on each stage will be hard for you even have over 200k power still can't get 3* on clearing all conditions but is not mean im give up already still can do more even you guys need bit hard work clearing all stage 3* gud luck[哇噻][哇噻]
overall gameplay is awesome for me really enjoyed even hard [怪笑]
oof im forgetting to telling you guys if you lucky each stage give free diamond so gud luck spamming stage hahaha

gacha (4/5)
one word for all f2p ( LUCK )[怪笑][怪笑]

that all from me enjoying this game and gud luck bye-bye

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玩了两天下来,本来是冲着女主来的,结果直接被シャンペ(叫小佩应该没关系吧)的欧尼sama把魂勾走了(还有很大一部分没抽到女主缇娅菈(反正是音译,别太在意)的ur衣服的原因),而且3%的ur率,体感出率挺高的(可能是我欧),而且3d,2d都好香啊。 硬要说,开花机制和碎片来源,玩的久全都有(不是) 之后呢,就盲猜出季节和节日皮了,所以,又可以穿搭还可以打架还可以摸摸,这么香为什么不玩呢?(不是) 一个小时摸一次头,头要被摸秃了(但是被摸会闭眼感觉很享受什么的,我自己都好满足) 至于jjc,反正我是直接战力碾了,摆烂(毕竟人不齐,打的也少) 推主线的话一定要养几只魔属性的,第五章的物理伤害吸收挺阴间的 其次的话,白值主要看装备,还有开花(毕竟等级都是能拉几级拉几级),抽卡抽的多的话,正常情况下,ssr服装开花程度肯定会比ur高,强度就会高,装备的话拉拉拉,使劲拉就完事了,服装升级换了就不一样了,装备相当于基础属性那种感觉。 强度推荐的话建议找大佬(我是初体验萌新)[厲害]



这是中国做的游戏,游戏会连接you-zhe.com, 打开看到是上海的一家公司。klab应该只负责挂名发行,游戏开始界面下面也能看到,©shengqu games,游戏的确已存在盛趣游戏发行的简体中文版,很多人一定认为这是一款由日本公司制作,中国公司代理运营的游戏。 游戏内存在所谓AR功能,会强制访问摄像机,如果拒绝,则无法进入这个模式。使用的话,要明白你相当于把你的脸部数据上传给那家中国公司。

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