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Side Gear

Side Gear

Side Gear

Rie Ichinose


Graphics: 2/5, it's uhhh, chibi and the UI is kind of, eh

Sound: 1/5, there's literally nothing but a looping bgm and the sfx of your girl slashing

Gameplay: 2/5, it's your usual watch-your-character-do-stuff

Storyline: 1/5, there's none

Value: 3/5, generous on the currency but is littered by advertisement locks

Overall: waste of time

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Side Gear Gameplay: https://youtu.be/wTE8naSn1G4 Memory Size: 465 MB Genre: Idle, RPG, Simulasi, ADV, Strategi Bahasa: English Game Online Subscribe, Like, Komen, Share Thank You Hiiii..😁



has google play support for linking, but doesn't work when trying to backup data. game froze when equipping new items, and game seems to be redownloading itself. the download is slow, and pauses often. to claim extra rewards, ads must be watched. not much gameplay. you can change skills and equipment on the main character, but not your supporters .

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