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Zero Fiction




Really good but short game with a few bugs. I hope the devs add more content in the future!

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I've updated to the latest version. After playing more and finishing my first run of the game, I realized the lag I was talking about probably isn't lag at all but rather, a poor taste for frame pauses when character attacks hit. The story is very short, understandable considering the space it takes is small. There are only 8 chapters, and only a few actually had a story element. There are a few grammatical errors but they're tolerable. It seems like there are several endings since I got 'Ending A'. Gameplay wise, it's okay. Combat is similar to Valkyrie Anatomia. Unfortunately, they only have a few soundtracks (I've heard only two, menu and combat music). There's no special sound for ultimates, nor is there any voice acting too. It may sound a bit too repetitive if you play with sounds. It doesn't seem like New Game + carries over your previous level ups. I think it's a harder version of the game. The graphics I love, however. I hope they add more to the game. It could be better.



Recommend offline games , is game have good graphic and good control ... potato phone can play it with medium graphic.

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