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My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

Thaao Hanshew


Great for Tama fans, maybe not for others. I bought the no forced ads package but apparently without it there are tons of ads. Minigames are ok but most dont give enough coins.

Basically you care for the Tama and it grows up over the course of several days. When it is an adult you have to do a few missions to give it a profession, then it moves into an apartment and you get a new egg.

Tons of little decorations and stuff. I played for a year then finally spent my earnings on decorating for xmas and lost like everything I had saved up. But I am a somewhat casual player.

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Shello Virgiawan


Not a bad game, if you like casual game, this is for you, it's basically the old tamagotchi with new graphics, but they will never die. For people who want to play it without CM appearing now and then, you can turn off the internet when playing this.



Nostalgic if you want nostalgic with tamagotchi there is microtransaction of course [發困]

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