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Mandrake Boys

Mandrake Boys

Mandrake Boys



takes a lot of time, not so much to do, and to make any real progress you'd need to spend money. nice art tho

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This game is very adorable plus its super casual🤗 I mean its just like a tap tap game but the cute ‘chibis’ comes from all different kinds of plant seeds?...~ It's wonderful and I'm still getting a few new chibis🥺 because to buy a seed it needs stars(others)...so getting it would be slower. Don't worry, the game still makes it better cuz i don't know for people who likes to be patient 🤣 Oh~ since i got a few of its illustrations... they're very gorgeous!!❤️✨🤭 Moreover, how handsome are the guys here!👀😍🔥 I know the game says 99% were boys and at first i thought only boys...so there's few girls😙 So far there's no problem...(except stars) I love this game, so much like "Cannarians".[厲害] But I'm not the kind of person who play this long. For you guys who still can..Go for it!💙🎉



Very chill casual game. Can be a bit tedious when you're first starting and have to rely on free seeds but it gets better as you gather resources. The illustrations and character designs are pretty and the stories are fun

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