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Lumia Saga | SEA

Lumia Saga | SEA

Lumia Saga | SEA



simple, fun and kicks my nostalgia of they good ol days of playing Dragonica/Dagon Saga when i was 8 in a good way .

it runs the same on any device i tried , if you make it auto path it always have to take 3s doing nothing then i does the action you tell it to.
its not Honkai impact 3rd level of perfect ,
its just some mindless fun when you are stressed out after work/school.
i'm no critic by a long shot , but i spent 5 years playing random-low price and obscure games, i'd say its worth playing for a couple of weeks . cheers !

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Tracey Karpas


This game is so fun and amazing. ^-^ [色色] However, there is mention of alchohol by the Foundry Master (Connor, also) in the game. Little kids play this game. Alchohol shouldnt be glorified in front of kids.



It's good. I mean, I can't really say it's great because I'm not a big fan of 'Idle' MMORPG that does the walking for you. Yes, it has auto walk and auto fights. I strongly prefer MMORPGs that makes you do everything yourself. However, that's something I can overlook right now due to the cuteness of the characters and the interesting story. The way your equipment changes according to what you use is also something I enjoy. Wanting to see more of it is the reason I keep playing. Additional points for letting us change character appearance when choosing a class. A lot of the previous auto MMORPGs force people to stay with one appearance and gender. I have no other comments so far. I'll add more once I gain more playtime. 10/10 would ride my Alpaca mount again.

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