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The Spirit Of Wolf

The Spirit Of Wolf

The Spirit Of Wolf



The artstyle is simple but appealing. though i do think evety aspect of this game can improve significantly.
its a little stingy with gold. but your units can take you through levels alright..
the story is good for what it is.

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Haha. To be honest this game is quite good. I like how simple it is from the quality and the gameplay. Since this is just a new game there'll always be a room for improvement and I wish the service is going to be good for the game to stay. It needs improvement for now for the players to enjoy it. This is a stamina based and the flaw of the game lies on it. Kinda annoying. XD The Devs needs to ask for community suggestion for them to improve this and polish it. So, good luck.



This game is quite, I'll play it again once ma internet get cut off.

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