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Lucifer Kami


Graphics is cute as expected of Ambition co., there are a lot clothes, accessories, hair styles,... for you to mix and create your favourite characters. ...But that's all, nothing else I found great about this game, especially its gameplay. Okay, let's start a funny review for this game. Studying, yep, just open the game, start studying for 10 hours and exit, wait until 10 hours passed, open the game, start another 10 hours lecture and exit, and repeat... what's the point of this game? Cooking, yep, choose ingredients, put it in a pot and bam! you got foods (I don't know why, but it just works), and guess what? You can cook with your friend too! But that's all, after you cooked your foods, it disappears into world of the void (tbh, I don't know where to find my cooked foods so I will assume that it disappeared. If someone knows where my foods go after cooked, please tell me) ..... anyways, what's the point of this game? Events! The very first event since this game was released, so it has to be special right? Nope, Just open the game, open event screen, jump until you run out of stamina, get some rewards and exit. wait until it restored, open the game, open event screen, jump until you run out of stamina, get some rewards again and exit... what's the point of this game? After play this game for a while, you will wonder what are you doing in this life of yours. I played Moe can change, it's a great game, but I gave up soon after I played for a while, Dream girlfriend too, not any games of Ambition co. could hook me in, I wonder why. Let's hope they will add more contents in the near future. Well, that's all, too long didn't read: this game is boring as hell, unless you're Ambition's fan or you like looking at chibi characters all day. Edit: The 2nd event is basically 1st event with different costumes, accessories and furnitures, just like moe can change and dream girlfriend, Ambition co. does not care too much about events. Well... this is a dress up chibi game, so I guess it's fine.



I haven't played very many dress-up games, so I'm trying this out as something new. With that in mind, I'm unsure if what I'm about to say is a common practice: [不滿] As of right now, it is impossible for F2P players to complete events. Assuming you never let Event stamina hit cap and you're constantly playing 24/7 until Event end, you'll only acquire about 5520 Event Points. If you're aiming for a centerpiece reward (the main dress is 7000 Event Points, as of the second event), you need to spend roughly 3900~ diamonds on stamina alone to get there. The top reward is 10,000 Event Points - ALMOST HALF of the content from an Event is locked behind stamina payment. [不滿] This wouldn't be a problem if diamonds weren't scarce and also used for the gacha system, but unfortunately, both are true. After you claim all of the newbie rewards, diamonds are limited to mission rewards and dailies (as far as I'm aware) and a 6-pull costs 1500 diamonds. To be fair, they have issued an apology and plan on improving stamina usage for future events. I'll edit this review later if it's a significant improvement. Otherwise, I hope this helps those looking to try the game.

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