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Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

AlyneM Game Hunter


It's okay. It's not the massive, detailed MMORPG you imagine it to be. At least, that's what I expected it to be. There's a lack of a lot of features that you can't feel immersed in the game. Here's some of them:

You can't customize your character. You're stuck with that character appearance when choosing a class. You can't even change the gender.
There are no NPC shops. You can't buy or sell items.
There isn't enough NPC or interactions to do, especially with other players.
There's no auto fight, which is good for me! However there was one instance when I couldn't hit the monster. It must've been a bug.

It has potential if they continue to add more content. But the way it is now, it's hard to immerse and feel like you're in a 'roleplay' game.

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It's good to play tbh, grinding and leveling isn't really hard, for get coins also is fine for me. Btw, one thing that be my problem here..The downloading for new island is taking so much time. Even it just +100Mb, but idk why my wifi connection become slower.. when I open another application it's become normal again. If there's another player having a same problem as me, I hope dev will fix it. I am still enjoying play this game so far.

Bibika As


Сразу скажу, если играть одному, сразу играть идёт в топку. Первая попытка играть в это была соло, не ушёл дальше первого босса из-за скукоты игры. И так, некоторые задания и боссов в соло убить очень сложно, если попросить в чате, то не факт что помогут. Как такого сюжета нет, 4 острова, в которых зачищаешь мобов и повышаешь уровень. Классы: Воин - танк с большим количеством hp. Убийца- некая смесь воина и волшебницы, может танковать, замедлять, отравлять. Волшебница - герой со скиллами по области. Можно поиграть, но с другом

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