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LINE Let's Get Rich

LINE Let's Get Rich

LINE Let's Get Rich



เกมเศรษฐีเกมนี้ ถ้าเล่นแบบไม่คิดอะไรมันก็สนุกนะแบบเพลินๆอยู่ แต่ถ้าจ้องชนะเกินไปบอกเลย คุณเครียดแน่เพราะบางทีมันจะมีเหตุการณ์พลิกผันได้ตลอดซึ่งไม่รูัมันเกี่ยวกับดวงไหมนะ แต่มันจะมีช่วงทอยเต๋าพลาด หรือสกิลเราไม่ออกแต่อีกฝั่งออกดีเหลือเกินจนอิจฉา

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Amber Nieberlein


been playing this for about 6 years since Disney magical dice got discontinued and I am nothing but disappointed at the US purchases being banned they know that we're playing over here in the US whatever fees that the US is tacked on which I'm assuming is the reason under our greedy administration I will gladly pay for it please I'm dying here I am like the Twilight zone trying to play this game without being able to make a simple purchase especially those Black Friday sales like what do I need to do I don't know how to purchase in Indonesian prepaid card to purchase items from that countries financial institution can you just fix it because traveling millionaires still accepts financial payments and I know that you guys and that too

Erik Christian Stenquist


I have been playing Let's Get Rich(Thailand) for a little over 3 years and enjoy it just as much today as I did when I started. The developers keep the game fresh with new content on a regular basis, as well as keep the game challenging, while fair to all players, paying or not. If you like strategy, team, pvp, and anime you will surely love this gem![厲害]

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