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呃,我还挺喜欢这种可以不带脑子玩的小游戏模式,不过就觉得内容有点少(? 不过才开服没多久也能理解,看后续怎么发展吧

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テクノロイド ユニゾンハート | Technoroid Unison Heart Gameplay: https://youtu.be/gbmAh2cdSpM



[為什麼]OVERVIEW Technoroid is mixed media project alright. We have games, songs, weekly radio cast and many more. There's anime coming this July. The characters are designed by the well known LAM-sensei who also did for Takt op. The characters are unique and have their own speciality in their designs. We have newbie and well-known seiyuus. All of them are really good and they all sings in the project. • Nojiken who voice as Nobel (Known for voicing Albedo from Genshin Impact) • Tokishun who voice as Ruma (well known as Kamishiro Rui from Project Sekai) • Gakuto Kajiwara voices as Night (well knowns as Amagi Hiiro from Ensemble Stars • Shūgo Nakamura voices Zin (well known as Kirisaki Shidou from the music project series, MILGRAM) • Makoto Furukawa voices Kite (well known as Saitama, Banri Tada, Miyuki Shirogane and a lot more) [為什麼]GAMEPLAY It's a puzzle game with musics we pick on the background. Even it's a puzzle game, it's still hard since the enemies we're fighting are really well. The game use gacha system to get cards, when you start playing there will be gacha starter. Spend your time there a lot or you'll regret lmao. There's chance you can get double or more 4 stars card. The interface is easy to navigate even if you don't understand Japanese, it's packed but not messy. Doesn't hurt our dear lovely eyes [為什麼]STORY Technoroid's theme is about androids and finding their way to develop their "kokoro". In the game we're "doctor" (finally I'm smart in a game), some part of the story we run here and there, sometimes we just watch our lil androids being stupid, I love them. Seeing Cobalt being childish just melts my heart. Be prepared tho with angst cause angst here is a whole new level. There's also cult (ikr wtf but their songs are such banger, can't denied that fact). I don't want to spoil much but the story in 100% the best thing ever. Better go and experience it yourself, there's wiki too for story translation. Be sure to check those out!

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