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Toram Online

AlyneM Game Hunter


Not gonna lie, this game is not new player friendly. You'll find yourself lost and far from experienced players in terms of level, money, and strength.

However, that doesn't take away the fun in the game. Find a good guild, read guides online. There's a lot. A little reading can help you catch up and learn what you're missing out on. Especially as a new player. Otherwise, you'd find it harder.

What made me fall in love with the game are the graphics and, most importantly, the No Auto mechanics. Everything has to be done by you. No auto walk, no auto fight. I love MMORPGs like this.

Give it a try. It's a great game and I've been playing it for years! ^^

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I used to play this game back in the day, I wish i didn't quit out of impulse because now i am loving the game, very much. The graphics, its one of the best if you compare it to the usual RPG's on mobile. Theres an option of Normal and HD in the settings, both are superb. You just have to sacrifice the "fantasy touch" if you turn it to normal, BUT its still immersive | 5/5 ^^ The sound is so so, not the greatest thing but some of the songs are hype and match well with the maps, BUT not all of them. I really liked the sound of the battle music for "venena coenobia, the lil empress" one of the bosses in the game | 4/5 The gameplay is great, it will not fail your expectations as one of the best mobile mmorpg. Its unique, the class system is superb, many builds to mix and match and the gameplay. 100% good, specially the party battles for bosses. Hype!! | 5/5 The storyline is not just a bunch of puzzle pieces all cramped up in one board. It has a meaning, it has its touch and it compliments the bosses and the maps that the game created, I specially like the Arc 5 "the otherworld" | 5/5 And lastly, is it worth the time to play?? HELL YESSS. Not newbie friendly, but quite a lot of players in different servers are rather welcoming to newbies, also theres websites to guide you on becoming a veteran, builds, stats or even leveling spots. They got you covered. Heh, if any friends out there looking at this review, if you guys have spare good staff, armor, additional gear, xtals or even spina... GIB MEEEEE. just comment in this post and maybe just maybe.... I'll respond and you can GIB ME THE MONEYZ. Hehehe. Thankie. Bai...



Uhm, best MMORPG I've played. If you wanna play this, I recommend you to read some information about skills, weapons, etc on Coryn site bcs this game so complex—in my opinion. You can sell in-game item, add friends, and chatting like another MMORPG game, but Toram doesn't have an autoplay, that's the reason why I like it. I rlly like this game, although some bugs—like error domination—are annoying, the Asobimo team is quick to fix them. Great job! Last, gacha was so ughh, but still, I like this game. (Pst, this is a MMORPG game, but doesn't take up much of memory.)

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