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League of Pantheons

League of Pantheons

League of Pantheons

Instal Gaming Game Hunter


Gamenya cukup menarik, sound nya bagus karakternya juga banyak.. silahkan mampir ke youtube saya untuk melihat Gameplay nya.. Terima kasih

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Eleanor Maya


Eh, I just like most of the designs; you can actually prosper F2P here, but will take a reaaaaaaally long time; and if you intend to compete, prepare to shell out $$$ enough to buy you a PC in the long run. Otherwise, really nice graphics <3

P Stands for Pupunator


I am never a fan of idle games but this game is the worst in the genre. It's design to make you feel powerful but in the end they will throw a neverending paywall in your face. VIP status inclusion in a game is a definite pass for me.

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