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League of Pantheons

League of Pantheons

League of Pantheons



Game này thấy trên fb đăng làm server lậu nhìu quá trời
Chức năng bh 100 sum đổi lấy 1 char 5* tới VIP3 mới cho dùng o_o
Rồi daily bắt 5 lần blitz mà ngày dc 4 lần blitz acc k bỏ 10$ mua gói hoặc lên VIP cao vậy daily có 95/100 k làm full daily dc luôn o_o
NPH game nên cân nhắc lại

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Eleanor Maya


Eh, I just like most of the designs; you can actually prosper F2P here, but will take a reaaaaaaally long time; and if you intend to compete, prepare to shell out $$$ enough to buy you a PC in the long run. Otherwise, really nice graphics <3

P Stands for Pupunator


I am never a fan of idle games but this game is the worst in the genre. It's design to make you feel powerful but in the end they will throw a neverending paywall in your face. VIP status inclusion in a game is a definite pass for me.

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