Devil Butler With Black Cat | Japanese

Devil Butler With Black Cat | Japanese

Devil Butler With Black Cat | Japanese



가르시아 최고고 성우분들 목소리도 최고에요 트위터에서만 보다가 출시하고 플레이하니 재미있습니다!

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I found this game at the perfect time in my life. I am burnt out after ten years in my career and recently quit my job at my long time firm. I am depressed and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. My friends and family are amazing, but they all have jobs, so I am at home, trying to recover from burnout with my cats. This is where Devil Butler With Black Cat fits in. The features of this "game" are perfect for someone who is struggling for whatever reason. The stretching and the guided breathing help me every day. The new reminder feature helps me remember to take my medication. The alarms are naturally helpful. The characters are all beautiful. I am surprised at how humanized they are. For example, Lamli is on medication to help prevent his fainting and dizziness. You learn things about them that make them seem vulnerable and real, yet they are still strong and capable. The writers did an amazing job. You really want to connect with the butlers and love them. I get a lot of positive feelings from this app in a time when things are rough. It keeps me moving forward. I am very grateful to the developers. If you struggle at all, I really suggest it. You will need a way to read/translate Japanese, though. I suggest the built-in Qoo translation app (paid but cheap) or EverTranslator (free, but clunkier) if you don't know Japanese. Dressing them up and redressing the butlers up is fun. You get a lot of things simply by clicking on the butterflies and doing the dailies. They also do free seasonal clothes, like pink cherry blossom items. The devs also just added a ton of new achievements that award butterflies. Love this team.



ahh.. this is.... ..a game life guidance ikemen.. let me straight to the poin. like everyone saying. this is casual game that prioritize dress up and your lifestyle. to be honest, this devil butler really help me in real life. my schedule and even when im walking to work and go home, this butler always remind us. oh! don't forget this butler even have coffe break time for us. when we really break in working place or school, you just set 30 minute or 60minute to your break, and when its finish. the butler gonna remind you. and the execirse! this game have too, I really like this one! this game have visual execirse for us! and the butler counting like coach. I like it so much! [開心] the gacha it's not bad. since the gacha just prioritize the dress up instead, so it's not bad for me. but.. one thing that make me kinda feeling.. weird...? the voice.. it's not fully being voice. when I read in the middle story, the first line is getting voice, but.. in middle, not voice even song intrument is gone. so it's kinda weird because it's suddenly gone. [為什麼][為什麼][為什麼] kinda weird it is? hope the game dev gonna make the best for the furture about this one. because this game just release, so it might be some bug or the progress fully voice not finished yet. and overall. it's great. it's feel like having butler online. dont worry sebastian, your still my butler in qooap [厲害] tehee~ ok thats all for now..[開心] you can try instead if you interesting.

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