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Nowhere House

Nowhere House

Nowhere House



Немного сложновато порой додуматься, но в целом игра крутая [怪笑]

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Not horror, only jumpscare I like the story, plot twist at the end is easy to guest but still nice tho But there is one thing I don't like about the game is the way staff put too much stuff into there and don't ever bother to explain it



Another entertaining game by Dark Dome! I love the story concept. the idea of having different dimensions within a single house isnt new , but its a concept i quite enjoy. The mystery is interesting enough to make you want to find the answers. and the supernatural aspect is always a plus. i do agree with some reviews out there that some puzzle elements are hard to figure out without hints. but if you dont mind that, you'll enjoy this one. theres a good ending and a bad ending and though both are fairly predictable, both are no less fitting.

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