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So apparently people are complaining about Kakao games being an a****** for giving too few rewards and deleting 1-star reviews on play store and stuff but I'm not gonna talk about that.

This game is literally just pinball with anime characters but gacha. Exactly how you would expect it to be. But somehow a lot more fun than you would imagine.

The best way to sum up how the game is, quote from a play store review because I love it, "disgustingly fun" (I think). The gameplay hardly has anything more than classical pinball game and I didn't have high hopes for this game when I started it, yet I found myself spending more and more time playing the game.....'s download screen BEST DOWNLOAD SCREEN EVER OMG IT'S SO FUN AAHHH- ok jokes aside, I really like the download screen because it's...normal pinball. It kinda feels like you get to play a "lite" of the game while you wait for the download, which I find really unique but also like a way to practice before playing the game.

Then there's the actual gameplay, the "full version", where the "balls" are replaced with the characters and the things you have to hit to get points are enemies that can also hit back. Like I said, it feels boring, but it's actually unexpectedly fun. It feels like playing pinball but also not. Additionally, there's a skill system and an outburst system (idk how to describe the fever gauge) like in other gacha games.

The other aspects aren't really worth mentioning, they're pretty much just like any other gacha game. Oh, one more thing: the story sucks. Just don't. Trust me, it's not worth reading, and this is coming from a story geek.

So all in all: Either the game has some kind of charm I can't explain or I have a hidden liking for pinball. Either way, try this game out. Even if you won't enjoy the game, hey, at least now you have had the chance to experience a download screen that's actually doesn't bore you to death.

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Cornick Zhang


I don't care about a lot of the critiques such as censor and slow servers. But playing this version compared to JP, along with how they reduced rewards in SEA servers makes me feel like Kakao is trying to nickle and dime (rip off) it's players for this game off the bat in order to try to hit sales goals, at the expense of providing value and enjoyment to the player. Kakao has betrayed it's trust in the gacha game community after a stellar guardian tales performance. Get your act together kakao if kakao wasnt piece of shit this would have been an easy 5 stars, but any person wanting an uncensored review will look at qooapp and not gplay also kakao deleted my negative review on gplay for the 3rd time now damn you kakao, This isnt how you do PR



good but not that good and my friend said it's a good game so I love it and the game is fun to play.

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