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HyakKinder Gameplay (English) - Android

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HyakKinder Gameplay English: https://youtu.be/jfiFOAkY_J8



It's a cute game of Among Us except that it's cute and caters to the idea of school life. You got the ordinary students that perform their daily activities to discover the secret treasure in the school which are the tasks, while the prefects, or spies planted by the teachers, sabotage the students from finding out. There's a lot of things to do as a student and also as a spy. There are a lot of interesting modes to play in the game. The artstyle and gameplay is overall cute, including the voice-acting and character animation. I also love the rule where duplicates of the same characters are set to be given a random student avatar to avoid confusion. The option of text only and voice mode is also a nice touch.

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