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Potion Maker

Potion Maker

포션 메이커




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Impressive art and very cute. Great story... as if this distinct immersion passed so shortly it happened in an instant, just that amazing, life changing, fulfilling slightly repetitive though flawlessly complimented by loli

Sean Li


This is gonna be about Potion Maker endgame: There used to be in-game limited events many years ago. Now they're all gone and there's no new events. You can't get the event fairies anymore but you can still get the outfits with rubies. And that's the endgame. With a ton of money, which is all useless because there are no upgrades left to buy, and with all thr affection maxed out, you can just complete a visitor request and leave their (!) "I'm finished" notification hanging forever, and it will block any new customer from coming into your shop. And after that you can literally just log in and save to the cloud and claim your free daily ruby. that's it. Collect rubies and get the outfits after many years. It's very low reward game in endgame, but also INCREDIBLY low effort. 30 seconds per day. And then maybe you'll get to tap them and Pio/Tia will wake up with their new outfit idk

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