Punishing: Gray Raven | English

Punishing: Gray Raven | English

Punishing: Gray Raven | English



I have come to like this game very much, especially because of its extremely fun gameplay, which, I'd say, is the best part of the game.

Not only is the game a 3d anime hack 'n' slash game, which makes it stand out from most of the gacha games (the usual low-quality 2d turn-based), but it has a unique skill mechanic that could literally be a mobile game on it's own (totally not making fun of a certain mobile game ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ). Aside from the auto-attacks, there's a mechanic called the "ping" system, where you basically get different "skill orbs" from time to time, lining up in a row on the screen. You can tap an orb to use the corresponding skill, but if there's three orbs together, it will trigger a stronger skill. Feels familiar now?

With the gameplay, of course, comes the graphics. I really like the combat animations, they look really flashy. Although I'm not a big fan of the art style, I still do like the characters' designs. The chibi figures of the characters in the dorm are really cute as well (=^▽^=).

Now, we can't forget that this game has a gacha system and is therefore, duh, a gacha game. And for every gacha game you probably want to ask this one question: Is it F2P-friendly?
Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeee- ok not funny. Seriously though, since I started playing the game, I've been solo-ing the game with the literal first character you get - the "worst" character according to tier lists. And I don't seem to be struggling at all?!
And even if you do want to gacha for another character, there's a path system to literally guarantee an A-rank character you want within the next 10 rolls. (not 100%, but 80% but tbh you have to be very unlucky to lose). The S-Ranks are a little harder to get, but luckily, there's a pity system that guarantees an S-Rank within 60 rolls. So I can say for sure that this game is very F2P-friendly.

A little more painful is the stamina =_=. If you play regularly, you get to play around 15 easy stages a day, which is ok for casual players like me, but it might not be enough for other players...? The reason I think that might be the case is because usually in gacha games, since I'm a really casual player, I usually just have like 10 times more stamina than the cap (1000/100). But in this game I actually used up all my stamina once! And no, this was not because the game was so amazing I played more than my usual amount (altough it is amazing).

I think other than that, there's not really something worth mentioning anymore. If there's an aspect I didn't mention in this review, then it means that it's "decent": not bad, but not outstanding.

That pretty much sums up my opinion on PGR. If you're tired of the usual turn-based gacha games like I am, I really recommend you to try this game out. (*^ω^*)

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Mohamed Kh_me


I never expected that...✨[賣萌]✨ ✨It's my, all time, favorite game ❤️✨ °•°•°•°•°• I'm tired of all the games especially the traditional RPG system, bored background, card-restricted, focus on on the story, graphics, and aesthetics is meaningless🙄... without focusing on the player's interest...😤 If you are a fan of the giants Honka☺️i and Genshin impact🤩, you will absolutely love this game...🔥 The game focuses on the characters and your Gameplay skills, your speed and device strength, movement parity and characters...😯 with a solo play system and the best luck system 💖 The game is very beautiful and interesting. I consume more than 400 serums daily, and I feel that this is not enough to satisfy my thirst for it.🤪❤️🤭 If there is a deficiency in the game, it will be in the fact that ❗it is a game of missions and not an open world game❗... This can be fixed through the event... Then they can add a small and wonderful world with the ability to play online with your friends and add challenges... Like an amusement park, the situation was sooooo great ahhhhhhhhh yabaii... honestly I'm addicted to ✨💘Punishing Gray Raven💞✨

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