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Gran nostalgia pero sin sistema pity y su ratio para las unidades promocionadas es malo. El sistema de evolución es tedioso y no es amigable si eres f2p.

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I love Disgaea. Enjoyed playing with good story and the action is decent. would recommend to check it out.



★ TL;DR ★ i play this game near-daily, but i feel like i wouldn't if it weren't for the fact I'm a long-time fan of the franchise. ●︿● the things i love about the game are all to do with the characters and less to do with the gameplay itself. anyone who's played a mainline Disgaea game probably knows what i mean when i say that the biggest appeal (combat wise) is how creative you can get during turns; the dopamine rush of lining up goofy ass gigastronk moves, watching your foes be molecularly disassembled, navigating the terrain and messing around with geo tiles. beyond that — discovering easter eggs in your home base, secret stages, item world special stages (looking at you, succubus room 😩😭) ... so much of the charm you know and love from the franchise doesn't exist in DRPG. then there's DRPG's own set of "mechanics" that are haphazardly shoved in place of said Disgaea charm for the sake of timegating, grinding and such, things that are pretty staple for mobile games. whilst its really not fantastic, it's also not completely terrible (comparing to other gachas) ... it's just not memorable in a positive way. for the most part: you'll wait until daily reset so you can hit up gates (which you NEED to strengthen your units and ultimately progress as the content gets a little beefier) and then wait til tomorrow for the same thing. there you go. that's the #content that'll take up most of your time while playing inbetween events, character gates (F2P units that take months to build and are "meh"), and whatever else. the gacha in DRPG is balls, or maybe ball torture would be more accurate. 9/10 times your 4★ pity is going to be some plebian asswipe they have in the standard banner. for the most part, once you hit 200 rolls you can spark/exchange for the banner unit. that isnt always the case, however. in order to milk the playerbase, collab characters aren't exchangeable — so you're left at the mercy of the forsaken salty sardine gods hoping you'll nab whoever you're after if you keep rolling and building up the rate %. for some reason, you're more likely to see Thursday and Gordon steal your guaranteed 4★ roll than you are the banner unit. [although, maybe that part is just me] ( ・ิω・ิ) i can't think of anything else worth mentioning, and that's ultimately part of the problem. i keep playing because I love Disgaea, plus I've already invested alot of time and resources. if you aren't a long-time fan of the franchise, this isn't a game i can in good conscience recommend as a standalone game. the gacha market is far too good these days for me to suggest otherwise.

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