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IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese



Be careful, this game is verry addictive. Even with "IDLE" gameplay, but you still can doing 'another' thing such as seeing story, chatting with girls etc,.
Don't too bother with Bad Pulls or Banner, All girls you get can Raise her Stars (even from 1star you can raise to 7stars or above).

As for banner Girls Guarantee Get 100 point For that Girl (Guarantee Increasing her stars to 6)
if you get Banner Girls, do not happy too much, Banners END and your girls stuck from that stars(lol)

as me my self, always hope to seing 'Duplicate' character for increasing stars from Pulling.

Just Leave it to "OMAKASE" and you will be fine ~

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Rerolling in this game is kinda easy to do so(compared to other gacha games anyways).Use free tickets,guaranteed tix & diamonds first,then see if the results r good or not.If u don't like them,simply go to "ミ二ユ" button at the bottom left.U'll see "アカウント" button with human icon at the bottom.Tap blue button with テタ on it.It will wipe ur current account data.5star rate is 3.5% btw.Also,if u wanna save ur tickets & diamonds for future banners,it's fine to do so since u'll be getting one 5*guaranteed tix from pre-register rewards,another one from day2 login,15x5*guaranteed pieces(collect another 15x from venus tower stage 30 to craft one 5*guaranteed tix) & one 5*guaranteed tix.If u want full 5stars team from the start(just like me),just try to reroll ur fav 5* waifu from release banner or standard banner.Have fun rerolling,everyone.



Мне игра очень понравилась. Красивые девочки, хорошая музыка. Это менеджмент игра, поэтому как такового геймплея нет. Цель игры собрать как можно бошьше девочек и прокачать их. Реролить очень просто. В начале дают ресурсов на 30 круток и 1 5зв билет. Если результаты не понравились, не выходя из игры можно создать новый аккаунт и туториал автоматически пропустится. Придумываешь имя и сразу к гаче. А на 2 день дают еще один 5зв билет)))

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