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Revived Witch | English

Revived Witch | English

Revived Witch | English

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I was curious with this Gacha game that pops in the ads several times so I gave it a try.

Graphics did not betray what was advertised, and it is unthinkable if I say that the ad itself "kinda" betrays the game itself. The Doll summoning system is gorgeous in its animation, the transition of the cutscenes from the gameplay, and ESPECIALLY the tutorial is stunning.
Character designs, as any Gacha games, did not fall short on their characters but it's great that the lower tiers don't suffer from "weaker = less flattering" design syndrome.

The OST is beautiful! It's very relaxing and gives a classical mysterious atmosphere

Revived Witch takes place in a fantasy story that has multiple parallel worlds, to which our protagonist is forst introduced into the Chronospace Realm. Our protagonist's goal is to restore her memory through the game stages and to destroy the source of distortion to save all the worlds as the successor to the Chronospace Protector role.

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It's indeed perfect. A very type of gameplay that's not for everyone yet it can make anyone got hook in the game especially if they are real gamer and fan of vintage/classic console games. Collaboration of SNK and YOSTAR. What an amazing combo. I love it. Seems like we will be expecting future collaboration from both, I really can't wait for that. (Talking about SNK and Yostar Games aside from this) They should released an albums for this games OSTs. I would love to get them ~ 🎶🎶 Any newbie that wants to use Invitation Code. Please use mine. Thank you so much. d7c500ca



Me agrado pero ya no volví a jugar más por que alta weba :P

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