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Kurumi Diary

Kurumi Diary

Kurumi Diary



but crashes frequently :(
edit :
but it fixed after updating from google play

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Full Size : 2,47GB (02/01/2022) kalau sering force close, coba download lewat playstore game real time raising sims, ya mirip Pou, jadi kita berinteraksi dengan Kurumi sesuai waktu real life kita gitu, cukup interaktif, kita bisa buka oven, kulkas, pasang hasil gambaran Kurumi, dan ngobrol bareng kurumi saat dia sibuk menggambar cukup menantang untuk story nya, karena kita harus menaikkan stats Kurumi agar dia bisa menyelesaikan stage story currency: -Yen/dollar untuk beli makanan buat Kurumi yang suka makan, beli furnitur, dan aksesoris seperti masker, dll -Diamond untuk beli pakaian Kurumi (kasian dia pake Hoodie hitam dan kaos kaki terus) cons: -ada sedikit bug dimana dialog nya kadang rusak/ga kebaca, tapi bisa di fix dengan relog -ada daily pass (kek PUBG) yang kinda pay to win, dan sedikit susah dptin diamond -dialog bahasa inggris yang agak terlambat dari suara Kurumi, cukup mengganggu -dan beberapa text game yang terpotong oleh layar (atau karena device gw yang ga gede? wkwk) overall cukup seru karena berasa main ama pacar, anjirr ngenes banget hidup gw wkwk

Graphics- i say it's top notch, the details and interaction of things to decoration and stuff. kurumi is cute too lol. i just wish this is safe to play and keep FBI away. Sound- there are plenty of language available and audio but i think Japanese is the best and original way to enjoy. it just the english translation is bad that sometimes i don't understand what kurumi say or the notes. but i think it's not that bad for a new game to be supported by english already. Gameplay- As you progress you unlock more interactions and stuffs. Kurumi schedule is based on your real time clock, there are tons of things to do and some events. be sure to check often, Kurumi has a stats also which improved over time when she do some activities, or in app purchase items whichni find it more cheaper than other games. i just hope it stay that way. Storyline- she is your childhood friend and living in the same roof with you. as you progress, you become closer to her and unlock more features. finishing story and events unlock stats to improved Kurumi attributes to succesfully finish some task and story etc. Value- i think this is a way to keep you busy and less lonely when you feel bored or alone. as day pass you want to keep checking on her and raise her intimacy. it's a perfect time killer, simple and relaxing. just like other said it can run on lower end device but running on recommended or max setting is more enjoyable and pleasing to the eyes. file storage 1gb+ available to download in Playstore. (i am using Xiaomi Poco X3 and i can play max settings without problem, game smooth, no force close.)

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