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Tales of Luminaria | English

Tales of Luminaria | English

Tales of Luminaria | English

Luqman H.


It has its flaws. but still amazes me. nice music touch.

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Edit : The game had been shutdown. T.T The game is not landscape, that caught me offguard. You cannot rotate the camera so you need to get used to it. Someone tell me that the language option is either choose sub&dub both english or both japanese. When i first open the game, it told me to chose to download basic data (around 500mb) or 1.5 gb for episode story. There is some character that i assume still doesn't have a story yet. The gameplay is quite good. what you can do in the game right now is either play the story stage for each character or play multiplayer event. The gatcha is about clothes and weapon, it will increase character exp and weapon level if you already had it. For the story, the character monologue sometimes made me feel goosebumbs and want to throw my headset but somehow i manage to bear it. [耍帥]



The portrait view and its controls kinda remind me of #COMPASS. The gameplay is great though sometimes it's laggy. The stories are touching as well. One point really annoys me is the view when battling is... weird? Like, I can't adjust it at all. It's fixed and I would not be able to see if there's enemies in front of me except for the white little arrow on the ground. Overall it's worth trying out if you don't mind the fixed view angle. This is a game that you would like to spend a long time on if you like reading stories and play action games with a simple control.

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