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Roblox games are enjoyable and makes you lose track of time, for better or worse that is.
There's a variety of genre of games but the games can be boring, especially those with the purpose of role-playing. It hits hard and makes you lose patience especially if the other roleplayers will shove roles to you randomly when you're just wandering around the map and explore stuff.
The platform games can be fun as there are patterns of each stages and there's also the Tower of Hell that may or may not be the keeper of the name.
Horror games are vary in terms of enjoyability, but most popular ones in the genre are actually pretty good. The best horror games are usually the ones with a storyline imh.

In terms of their soundtracks, the sounds vary from creator to creator, but so far, it's mediocre.

The gameplay is simplistic and makes thing easy EXCEPT if a game was originally built for PC instead of Phone. Mobile-users like me would usually end up suffering in that spectrum.

Because Roblox is a large game, it's not free of glitches and certain bugs that makes gaming frustrating. The controls can also be weird as there are certain settings that don't really work.

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