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Candies 'n Curses

Candies 'n Curses

Candies 'n Curses

Cloud-gazer Game Hunter


Candies 'n Curses is a simple yet enjoyable game with great storyline and a variety of enemies.
It's repetitive at best but that's what makes things easy to play!

The pixels are very creative and very fluid. Games that uses pixelart are honestly epic as every pixel counts and one slight mistake in a sprite can ruin the whole picture. The stages are actually very interesting as well.

The sound effects is the whimsical, spooky kind, one that is often use on a horror genre aimed for or has child characters. It fits perfectly with the storyline of Molli, being some random girl, enter the mansion for a child game knowing the possible risks.

I like the run, jump and dodge mechanic of the game and they took that system into something very creative. It's also cute how you have different types of obtainable curses!

The story follows Molli Pop as she is dared to enter a haunted mansion in a game of Truth or Dare, and things went downhill once she enters the mansion.

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Nazareno Robledo


Otro de mis juegos favoritos, su banda sonora es lo que más me ha enamorado, me recuerda tanto a los juegos de la Gameboy Advance, es alucinante la tematica igual y simplemente divertidísima la jugabilidad. Recomendado.



tl;dr THIS GAME IS SO GOOD PLEASE PLAY IT So I was planning to write a proper review for this game anyways but since the event has started I might as well do it. Candies n Curses is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite mobile game of ALL TIME, and honestly just favorite game of all time in general if we're talking pure bias. And EVERYONE in my opinion should play it But now, why is this game so good? Well, there are many reasons So let's go over them 1. The artstyle This game is pixel art, using vibrant and contrasting colors for most of its art, as well as using hue shifted shading which is simply a gorgeous stylistic choice in my opinion. All of the character designs have nicely designed color palettes and the backgrounds for the game, while still utilising what I mentioned, are dimmed down in terms of brightness, so that you can focus on the stuff you're supposed to be focusing on lol 2. The music The OST is an absolute masterpiece Banger after banger There is no bad track in the whole OST Every song complements the place its played in AND is a joy to listen to outside of the game If you don't believe me it's on YT, Soundcloud, Spotify etc Have a listen Or just go play the game 3. The Story and Characters So, this game isn't exactly story heavy but the story is a solid basis for the game, and my opinion is pretty interesting The story is that Molli, our protagonist, is dared to go the mansion at the edge of town, which is rumored to be haunted, tired of the rumors, she decides to go through the dare. ...And then it turns out the mansion IS haunted, now she's stuck there and has to get out, game start. The Characters are all very unique both in terms of design and personality. My favorite is Olly, the shy boy who's been stuck in the mansion for 3 years prior to Molli's arrival, he also has a story behind that but you'll have to play the game yourself to find out ;) I'm not going to go over all of them as some of them would be mild spoilers so just... Play the game please Oh and also if you're a fan of lore and little tidbits like I am they have a whole little journal where you can read extra flavor texts about things as you unlock them which is a joy. 4. Gameplay So I'm sure you're all thinking "Well that's very nice and all but this is a game not a movie how does this play?" And well, just like in every other aspect It is great This game is a fantastic example of easy to get into, hard to master. The controls are incredibly simple, and the tutorial does an excellent job of introducing the necessary mechanics that go along with the game. But getting good at the game well It'll take you sometime This game is a roguelike, which are known to be like that but I felt it'd be noteworthy to mention still The way a standard run goes is there's several rooms, in between which there is Treasure Room in which you can pick out of a selection of 3 randomly selected Candies n Curses (roll credits) which serve as a powerup for the rest of the run The Candies are the safe options, but the curses provide a generally larger or more unique bonus but at a risk As for your permanent equipment You have your flashlight (your weapon), there are 3 different types, all of which play slightly differently, and all of the types have a few flashlights. Later on the flashlights get some inherent abilities of their own And they can also be upgraded Every Flashlight has a certain amount of charm slots onto which you can equip... Well charms Which also grant you something upon equipping them (For ex. a revive or summoning a cute doggo to help you etc etc) Charms can also be upgraded There's also a limit called Charm Points (CP) The amount of CP you have is tied to your level in the game And every charm has a CP value If you equip charms and surpass the max CP you have you can't start a run Both the different flashlight types and the charms are a great reason to experiment with what you have and try new things to see what works best for you In my opinion both the Candies n Curses as well as the charms are balanced very well I also find the difficulty curve to be extremely satisfying You truly feel and see your progress As you level up in the game you unlock more stuff which helps you get better which makes you go further which unlocks more stuff and you get better and go further and God it's lovely There's more to say but I dunno how to do it without overexplaining Genuinely I think I lack the proper words to describe how great this game is and you're honestly doing yourself a disservice by not playing it. It's an absolute indie gem. Please play it

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