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I first got this game recommended to me by my friend saying I should definitely try this out, and I must say, I do not regret playing this.

The main selling point of this game is, in my opinion, the music. The OST is really beautiful and really fits the cutscenes they're played in, making the scenes so much more captivating, although it's just pixel art. It also adds the fantasy-like atmosphere to the game.

The combat gameplay is decent, it's pretty basic and easy to understand. That's why it might be a little repetitive and boring for some people, but I, to my own surprise, quite enjoy it.
Outside of combat, you get to explore and find chests, which is one of my favorite aspects, I just love exploring and doing puzzles to get extra rewards. I also find it unique that technically, the stages are also like a second main lobby, and that you're actually staying in the world of the stages (the 'stages' are actually connected and are like another system like a tower or a world) when going into the next stage.

The bad part of the game would be the storyline...well, I can't really say it's bad, it's just not that good (imo). The story starts like any other RPG, during the stages the main story feels completely disintegrated and when there is some, it's as predictable as it can get, the villains have no personality, aren't given any reason to why they act like they do and we just kill them because they are villains. I might have exaggerated a little, but that's just how I felt reading the story. But well, nobody other than me reads the story of a game anyway lol

Personally, I don't care about gacha because I'm just a casual player, but I think others might. So I'll say something about that too:
The first thing worth noting is that the game has a built-in reroll mechanic. For the first time you roll, you get to reroll a maximum of 100-times for free. Within these 100 rolls, you can confirm a roll you think is good and get it as your 'first roll'. After you've confirmed, the 'first roll' is set, you ge the stuff and you have to invest to roll again, like other gacha. If the rates on the reroll-roll are the same as the normal gacha, then I gotta say it looks really painful wth.

Now there's probably still one question you want to ask: Is the game F2P-friendly?
Well...yesn't. To answer this question, I actually got myself to ONLY play with the characters that are guaranteed for every player/first ones you get and see how far I could go. I got stuck on a stage in chapter 2 (it wasn't even the boss battle), although my characters' levels far exceeded the recommended level. When I switched one of the characters to the UR character I got in the gacha however, the battle went like nothing happened. So, what we can conclude is that the game is a little meta-based, seeing how much of a difference a single character switch makes, but since there's the reroll mechanic, anyone should be able to have a good character.

Overall, I do think this game is enjoyable if you don't mind the gacha aspect (and the storyline but leths be honest, nobody cares). I hope you'll have a good time playing the game as well.

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It's indeed perfect. A very type of gameplay that's not for everyone yet it can make anyone got hook in the game especially if they are real gamer and fan of vintage/classic console games. Collaboration of SNK and YOSTAR. What an amazing combo. I love it. Seems like we will be expecting future collaboration from both, I really can't wait for that. (Talking about SNK and Yostar Games aside from this) They should released an albums for this games OSTs. I would love to get them ~ 🎶🎶 Any newbie that wants to use Invitation Code. Please use mine. Thank you so much. d7c500ca



This game is definitely a certified hood classic and expected nothing less from Yostar and especially SNK. Graphics 5/5 I'm a sucker for games that can use pixel graphics and manage to make the game still look beautiful. This game also gives me a lot of octopath traveller vibes with its combat and style. Especially with the lighting. Sound 4/5 I love how they switch up the battle theme with each chapter to match the tone of the environment. For example, the first chapter's battle theme in the tower was a bit more sinister while the one in the second chapter is a bit more mystical to match the magical forest theme. Gameplay 5/5 The game has a Epic Seven and Guardian Tales type gameplay. You walk around different stages from a top down perspective with a sprinkle of side scrolling segments. The combat is nothing we haven't seen before. The combat is the typical auto battle with skills that must be manually activated. Story 4/5 I'm only have way through the second chapter so I haven't formed much of an opinion yet, though it's pretty good so far. Gacha 4/5 At the start of the game you get a reroll 10 times roll which is pretty good. BUT! The rates are a bit... low. Though the reason for this isnt because they want your money. the rates for SSRs and SRs are pretty good. But the UR rate is pretty low. but the reason for that is because there are only 8 UR units. So in the future when they add more units to the game the rates might get better... or worse. Issues As of now I am using a OnePlus 7pro so my phone is all screen (without a punch out or bezzel camera) So the image on the loading screen booting up the game looks a bit W I D E. I suggest you play the game on 60fps because the 30fps isn't the best, obviously. Some transition after battles that go straight into cutscenes or flashbacks are pretty jarring. If you dont wait for voice dialoue to finish, then the next line of dialogue will not be voiced. VERDICT This game is perfect for gacha addicts who love a quality gacha game like Genshin, Blue Archive, Slime memories, and Epic 7. And F2P players who are tired of FGO and Genshin.

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