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Easy Poser

Easy Poser

이지 포저 Easy Poser - 최고의 포즈 앱



-в игре большая часть за деньги...редактировать персонажей не очень удобно...мне не нравится данное приложение

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Obviously no sound, gameplay or storyline here but since I can't make more than one category N/A..... gameplay and storyline had to get the sad face :( It's pretty decent actually, I dunno if it's helping me with poses cause I haven't tried drawing with a simple pose I did which was🧍 You have limited choices though, most of them are paid [憋屈] It's still okay! You can use the limited poses to make some of your own poses too! Experiment with a few twists and turns here and there- But don't do it too much, you'd probably end up making an alien [懵懂] If that's what you were aiming for then cool Oh also you can make the bases lose their clothes [懵懂][懵懂] I dunno the purpose of it, maybe to examine the body shape more???? But yeah that's neat And you can also save the poses as .png or even transparent .png that's pretty neat too Overall pretty decent, a lot of settings and parts you can mess with, limited poses. Yayyyyyy Wait does this even count as a game I'm just hoping Mr.Qoo accepts this as a game review [厲害] Off to reviewing Obey Me I go~~~~


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