Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery



game n mng cày nhìu là được, chủ yếu nó nghiêng cốt truyện, thu nhập item event, cần cực kì nhìu tgian để chơi =))) chế độ pvp trong đó cũng may mắn lắm, kiểu oẳn tù tì nhưng stress cực, mik sẽ ko biết đó là ng chơi thật hay bot nx. thật sự luôn mng chủ yếu cày mấy stat thôi, đầu game đừng để cốt truyện nó ảnh hưởng, cày stat nhìu vào, r về sau cái j cx dễ :) cần kiên nhânz để chơi game này lắm mng à, mik chưa biết có tiếng Việt chưa, hình như chưa, nhưng cốt truyện cá nhân mình thấy meh nhưn rate 5 sao vì con game tuổi thơ

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Aki Kimizuki


I don't know what everyone is complaining about with the whole energy thing. What I do is just open another game up and play it while I wait for the energy to replenish. And, there are stuff laying around where you can touch and find energy laying around. The one thing I like most about this game is the storyline. I won't explain it in detail cuz yknow, spoilers, but you do truly have your own Hogwarts experience! You make your own friends, choose how you will respond to them, play games with them to increase your friendship, and get to know each other better with a friendly quiz in the great hall! You get to customize your character, style it how you want you to look and how their features will be. You get to earn house points throughout the years you attend Hogwarts and at the end of the year, if you place first, you win 100 gems! (which really comes in handy for energy, clothing and pets.) I really recommend this game to anyone who is a fellow Harry Potter fan!



I'm at my 2nd year and enjoying the game so far. I love the storyline, the duelling clubs, the creatures and the characters! The only thing I don't like is that if you're a new player, you have missed a lot of things that you probably won't have again like spells usable in Duels and outfits.

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