Cytoid: A Community Music Game

Cytoid: A Community Music Game

Cytoid: A Community Music Game

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Actually pretty fun. Like others said, it's Cytus and Osu out together. Surprisingly, the gameplay itself responds pretty well. Beatmaps atm have a lot of Japanese, electronic songs (dubstep, trap, etc), and piano songs. You normally wouldn't find the usual copyright english songs, probably because of the copyright they make you agree to before joining the community. The best you could find of them are remixes. At the moment this review was made, a lot of the recent beat maps are 15+ difficulty. If you want easier ones, there's a sort and search function because those 15 diff are not a joke xD This game is less forgiving than Cytus If I understood correctly, you can also download some Cytoid beatmaps from Google. Great music art found by the community, a lot of nice songs; I'd say give it a try if you like rhythm games.



I have been playing cytoid for around 2 or 3 years I love the game, it deserves more support, the charters are so creative and most maps are a lot of fun. I played the halloween interference event and didnt get the character(needed to beat a 10 star, not so hard rn[發火]) I loved, so I just started playing it more.[鬼臉]

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