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Gesio Nathan


[no]. After testing d game out for 10 days+ (during d evangelion-mari&kaworu dec 2021 collab event, d simplest i can say for this game is ....it's an afk mecha gacha game with anime waifus + sim-rpg + all servers' item in usd cash cow mode. You either like d genre or you dont bother.

1. Auto cause u'll hv most battles done this way. Fights r lengthening n arduous n meaningless.

2. NPC AI Foes can link up into battles when engaged close enough, but urs dont despite hving multiple teams. Other than needing them to open doors here n there, your 3teams/4 formations x help one another(link up like d foes). Each are mutually exclusive n on their own in-battle.

3. Each bosses n stages are HP sponges n to get through them, you'll either need to grind d many components needed to slowly obtain them 4 free, or just folk up the USDs.

4. Most chars hv their own mech suit (4 parts), but d better ones r locked behind paid-crystals 12,000 crystals min (1.5k per banner). A good surplus is hving 22.5k crystals b4 gacha-ing 4 favs/meta. You'd need char copies 4 their "genes" to trade 4 d mech parts, to complete all 4s to get the mech's full power. U'd also need genes 4 their skills, traits, n char power ups. Expect lots of dupes.

5. The game has tier listed characters, if u x hv certain units, best re-roll or to play it on hard mode self indulgently.

6. The game only feels opened up after lvl 40+ (around 7-10 days grinding). Even then, you'd begin to understand what i meant by auto-afk-mecha gacha game grind if u had persisted.

7. Free resources (only if u keep grinding daily n repetitively). it gets boring real quick. And is only f2p friendly if u spent d 4-6hrs on afk auto-battling.

8. stop n reflect. if this is what players need to do on a daily basics now, then it'd still be d same on later levels. Just keep grinnding-afk. Battles r afk, but u need to guide them to atk post interval battles or they'll just stand still while d timer ticks down.

Overall, not my thing. d grind isnt even fun. just imagine a tier SS, grade SSR unit can output 4-6x the output if u hv them. If u hadnt selected them from newbie-selection/ paid to get them, ur experience w greatly differ than those that did.

2/5 for me.😐😕

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Side scrolling action video game. You can set the character mech whatever you want. But the character has their own costom mech, So they got bonus stat when you got their set. For me, it was fun for the first week but it got boring quite fast.

Felix Zhang


人在美國一直等國際服。查了下資料好像別的大區都沒人氣了[大哭] 希望國際服能運營的好吧

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