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Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm



A great afk game. They dont push you to really buy characters (As of my current knowledge, correct me if Im wrong) and the drops are really good. You can make the characters op in thr beginning if you save up the things needed to level up them which I kind of like but can get annoying when you have someone who is level 100 and you get clapped by them because you're 50 levels under. But its a good game and I would recommend it to anybody who loves afk games

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Tales of Grimm Gameplay: https://youtu.be/glWfmEKoU4M



Played this since its soft launch (think it was for Aus/NZ region), the game is very generous with the reward. You will probably stuck a bit at heroes lvl 100 mark to find dupes for breaking thru, but it gets traction easier past that point.

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