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The Way Home

The Way Home

The Way Home



its simple, its pixel design is pretty cute, the music isnt bad either, it sounds pretty neat, its worth a try 100%

oh and the cats name is cheese which makes it 1000x better

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Adrian Janssen Huelar


Gameplay is a bit challenging at first being portrait-oriented, but is offset by the game mechanics (especially Skills) that the learning curve is manageable. Hella enjoyed it, but that ending tho :'^)



Offline playable game? Yes! instant 5 🌟 value. Hmmm i just reached 2nd island at the moment, going f2p mode as usual (yes my lunch and dinner is instant noodles from too much gacha games) hence kinda slow life. Feels like Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon although you only bring starting weapon (+2-3 equips later on via upgrades) and level resets to 1. Level up is unique as you get to pick what power up/skill you want during the runs so it's kinda new twist from normal resetting dungeons. Challenges in the dungeons are a bit tricky sometimes unless you get how the enemy attack patterns (especially the bosses), it is enjoyable for RPG crazed players (maybe like me) I guess.? Well enough info, try it and see for your self.

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