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MIR4 Gameplay: https://youtu.be/VaCP3MQEWhU

if i complain something that would be the hackers and bots. yeah, too many bots mining for DS and they just pop up beside you, attack you and take the mining. the most annoying part is it happen 20-50 times continously. it's a never ending cycle of killing bots and devs can't fix the problem, yeah sure ban those account but days after they just create more bot accounts. the economy of Draco is bad, exchange rate is down. the game is fine with be, bully can't be helped since it's a open PK in some areas. nature of humans show there. i suggest lvl40+ with PS score of 40k+ since bots usually lvl40 with only PS 23k. (if you are planning to mine for Darksteel) i hope devs can do something about bots, i feel like bots are more than actual players in each server. makes it crowded in some areas.

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