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pues que puedo decir, es un traductor y ya xd, nose vomo hacer para que traduzva los juegos de japones a español o a ingles almenos.

alto ahi humano, aun hay cosas que quiero decir.

las graficas del juego son de ultima generacion, los personajes estan bien hechos oigan, el gameolay es un poco malo pero su historia lo cubre, y ademas el juego traduve solo, ahora puede entender lo que quiere decir el we de japon ;v
100 de 100 oigaaaaan.
ahora si chau ;)

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Oh my gosh dude where do I even start. The gameplay is so amazing, I can't even describe it with just words! The characters in the game originate from different countries, have different personalities, culture, voices and stuff! There's a feature which you make one person say one thing and the other one that you choose will say the exact same thing but in a different language! How awesome! Dude, you can even play the game offline, although doing that online gives you a much better experience. Plus, unlike most games out there, you get to actually choose the storyline! How awesome is that! 10/10, would recommend!



This game has the best waifus. 10/10

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