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COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese

COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese

COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese



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Zero Six


you need to use vpn and dowload data with vpn don't you make bad review just because you can't login, game dev already make announcement this game just for jp server only so don't blame them if you can't login into this server, try find the way to login don't make bad review

if you want to hear JP voices then they're not as good KR due to Chracters and VA not synchronizing that well as KR is nearly perfect at least for me,if you've downloaded the game without VPN then all you had to is rename OBB and DATA then clear the app data then rename(old name) again then use a VPN while entering the game, as for the game it is really good wether you're looking for a casual, hardcore pvp/pve gameplay then you can find satisfaction and enjoyment in CounterSide.

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