Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast | English

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast | English

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast | English



Alchemy Stars is genuinely one of my favorite games i had it on my phone the longest, and i still enjoy it daily

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Kai Sokushi


My 2021 pick for best game. I fell in-love with it day 1 and have played everyday since. Already gave it a 5-star rating on other platforms. Every character breathes so much life into the already fascinating world of Astra, with each event being canonically added to the world-building. The Navigator, the main character, isn't your run-of-the-mill, faceless protag. He has character and personality, and you can actually grow with him throughout the story. Sometimes he's sassy and sometimes chivalrous, but he's a chad through-and-through. Did you know he became a underground fighting champion, despite being a shut-in for 17 years. Did I mention that there are countless best girls in this game, that's how well-written all these characters are. I never get tired of the grid-combat system as tiles are randomized, making each attempt different from the last on most stages. It's almost been a year since this game released, and I have yet to be disappointed in anything they ever did, unlike some other games I can name on the top of my head. I won't say that this game is the best mobile game out there, but it's the best one for me. Thank you Tourdog, and eveyone involved in making this game. Pls, take my money.



I really enjoy this game. I like the gameplay mechanics and the different ways you can play the game. I've been playing this game for a while now and I have been really impressed with its quality. I have had little to no burnout and every event is different. Every character released has been at a high quality and has had a mechanic that adds to the game or enhances certain teams. Though this game isn't perfect. It gets a little grindy at times and you can run out of things to do. But this game compensates for that with its amount of characters and its many events. I have had so much fun with this game and I would recommend this game to many people.

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