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BLEACH Mobile 3D | Global

BLEACH Mobile 3D | Global

BLEACH Mobile 3D

Proyo Gamex Meme Lord


not the best game, but the best game for bleach[開心]

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Kevin Nguyen


There are two major key points that will lead to the down fall of this game and they are, No.1 There is a Vip System. The moment you see this, you know its P2W early to late game. F2P has to work extremely hard to even compete to this level of P2W. No.2 Collecting Character Fragments to achieve a full character. Which is a way to promote P2W. Which is another major turn off to the potentially decent game play it offers. If these matters arent repaired i dont see a longevity of this game lasting to long.



this is a pay ti win game, don't play it if u don't plan on using money on this game.[no][no][no][no]

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