Simeji Japanese keyboard+Emoji

Simeji Japanese keyboard+Emoji

Simeji Japanese keyboard+Emoji




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Dawn Hart


While there can be some issues with the english keyboard, no dictionary or spellcheck that I can find, I absolutely love using this! The styled can be so cute and the ability to use emoticons quickly is really nice. Plus, this helps my in typing Japanese and furthers my learning process of the language. Definitely something to try out if you're looking for a Japanese keyboard that adds a bit of personal flair!

Tucson Bagley (BagelHero)


used to be really great, but now has a nft play-to-earn feature, partners with nft companies/grifters and has most recent flooded their previously acceptable skin store with hundreds of ai generated flat image keyboards. previously, a lot of keyboards were more lovingly crafted with custom buttons and flick states. [委屈] but now I can hardly even find those ones. feels pretty gross.

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