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Fate/Grand Order | Japanese

Fate/Grand Order | Japanese

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Poor gacha rate it may be, but the storyline, character design and all of em' is truly booming. Even the story for every event including small ones are incredibly fun to read along. Main Story to Lostbelts storyline may be confusing from time to time but when it comes to getting along with the heroic spirits, it truly feels magnificent. For example I just done lostbelt 5 recently and tears dropping down so hard on me and it really touched.

The OST for the game is legitimately good. One of my favorite being "The Time of Parting Hath Come" from Solomon. The more progress you made or every time there's a new event/boss fight, new OST released and it can always be enjoyable.

Gameplay may be very, VERY grindy and boring because of that, but I prefer this than having my phone to handle an open world type of game which will lag from time to time.

Graphics are great, especially since they started to improve old animations like Arash and Ushiwakamaru. Noble Phantasms are cool and all, I really do like em'.

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Ledahgrim Angel


First of all I love the Fate series and while the game might get repetitive later on it always makes you play it with a constant stream of new events and mechanics being implemented from time to time. For the first time in years the player no longer depends on ultra rare gold units to survive or advance! Each character is useful with the right setup and you can even complete the game with 1* units! The game soundtrack is amazing and gets even better on certain events, the farming aspect for materials these days has been reduced drastically since you can exchange lots of materials from event shops. Best of all, If you need a core character you can borrow it from a friend to save you from a pinch! Quartz (premium currency) might be expensive but even F2P can easily assemble a great team provided they spent on banners wisely.

kamelia kami


hstop complaining about the gaccha please it's all about luck truly it's shitty when you spent a lot of quartrz and in the end you get shit (it happens to me whenever I try to get waver) especially when you're f2p but look at the good side of the game they're giving us free SR mist of them are really strong even stronger than any ssr cards and if you don't. get an ssr doesn't mean the game is bad i stayed without ssr like a half year now I'm not complaining play for love not for the ssrs

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