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Arena of Valor | Thai

Arena of Valor | Thai

Arena of Valor | Thai



good game but pls make it canchange size of skill button pls i miss press it 😂😂😂

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Shay Hennessy


Too many bots in ranked, and not just in gold and platinum, i am aware those bots are there to teach you about the game, but this is different, i have reached diamond long ago on the Taiwan server and noticed the same, downloaded the Thai server and found bots too, what's the necessity with them if such servers are highly populated? Global has bots too even if the whole server it's dead, they serve no purpose in higher ranks, and the bots will always give the enemy team 3 secured deaths, and from there a chain reaction begins where they won't stop feeding, and no matter what you do, if you try to push a single lane or go for objectives, the enemy team has already been feeded and can kill you easily if they find you pushing, and if you play jungle, the bots would hook the enemies into your area and start a fight exactly where you are farming, and later proceed to farm your creeps and leave you without any place to farm, and between the fights that they start with the enemy, they give the other team enough space to farm your creeps, all the servers has this pattern, and after you are forced to play with the stupid bots your win rate begins to drop, the higher i got was 80% and was reduced to 60% just because of the bots, i have no problem losing with real people on my team, because that shows that the enemy team did a better job, but with bots, it's a total waste of time, despite being a wonderful game, the stupid heads on charge of this game decided to add the dumbest of things for no reason except fo force you to lose.




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