Re:Zero Lost in Memories | Japanese

Re:Zero Lost in Memories | Japanese

Re:Zero Lost in Memories | Japanese



buen juego aunque si tu teléfono es de 2GB de RAM para abajo no te agarrará.

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Aight,let's start with the gacha part.There r three different banners for now;No rate-up,rate-up banner & ticket banners.Every banners include both characters & memoria stones;2.5% for 3*character & 5% for 3*memoria stone.A total of 18 3* combining both.One free pull everyday on no rate-up banner. Getting AoE dps or support characters is very important so be sure to reroll until u get at least one of them.As for story,there r main quests & main story.Ur choice doesn't really matter in main quest while ur choices really matter a lot in main story so that u would be missing TONS of rewards if u made one wrong choice so be sure to translate b4 u choose.U have to progress enough stories to unlock quests starting 1-10.Seems like there r material quests,tower & PvP too.U can get one SSR ticket from logging in for 30days so don't worry if u have bad luck.U can grind every characters up to 5* too so u can invest in anyone u like.As for whom to reroll,I'll be updating this review when I finish testing every 3* in the whole game.Until then,that's all,folks.

Takuto Umata


All around this game is very good, amazing story, music, gameplay, everything. Another piece of 10/10 Re:Zero conent.

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