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Livly Island

Livly Island

Livly Island

fruit salad


Really cute bonsai game. The livlies are endearing and there's a lot of customization options. Very low maintenance and easy to pick up, but it's really more fun with friends.

Recommended for busy or laidback people, it's even easier than Tamagotchi.

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I have been played this game for about 3 months, when game had just released. I found it really addictive lol. You can: collect cute creatures, take care of them, buy foods to feed them, buy decorations for your home, dress yourself, water other's plant, collect fruits from friends' tree, make your creatures in different ones by giving them a potion - made from collected fruits, interact with your friends. I highly recommend to people who love to play relaxing idle game and decorating one's house with cute decorations!



(*´∇`*) it's SO CUTE !! the mascots are adorable and very creative, there is a wide selection to choose from. the avatar customization is also kawaii and has a lot of personality. the music is cute and does not annoy me to listen to it repeatedly, you can easily get more cute rare items at the gatcha\store and visit friends and such. great game, it's very well though.

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