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Much higher quality game than expected. The art is beautiful and consistent, the sprites are detailed with fluid animations. The angle of the battles is interesting and there is a lot of room for strategy. The UI is fluid and easy to understand even if you don't know Japanese.

There are plenty of skip tickets and stamina refills, so farming for mats is no problem. There are also plenty of free characters so you can use your favorites and have many options for better strategy.

The relationship/island system is cute. It has the feeling of the Persona series but more relaxed like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory.

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The game so far is amazing with a pretty decent details to it the voice of the characters i love ❤ them they are very cute + the gameplay is fantastic give it a try 😄👌🍜 People just give bad reviews because they either want to rush things or get a good gacha but failed so ended up here giving bad ratings

Raccoon Ch


D_CIDE TRAUMEREI ディーサイドトロイメライ เกมมือถือ Turn-Based จากอนิเมะ ดีไซส์ประตูแห่งโทเมไร https://youtu.be/17mzoOws7ig

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