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Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Owen Cade Game Hunter


Retro bowl, the classic looking football game. I love it! Its fairly simple and verh fun.

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Lit Dabfam


very fun sub game, mosty play when i get bord of the main games i play. great game, also maybe should make it so player can earn hall of fame that would be nice

Pedro Marques


This game eventhough looks and feels like just some throw back nostalgia game actually have some neet new mechanics to fit as a mobile game. Frist, it's fast and cuts some more in depth strategies or game plans , but not to the point of spoiling your fun. The approach is call the plays(sorta) and the focus is massive on the QB , the play action consists on choosing to run or throw , no gimmicks , also you don't see your defense play, that's a bit of a bummer as you draft and buy player for the offense (qb,te,ol,wr,rb) and the d#(dl,db,lb). On this topic i like to add that on the free and bare minimum payed vers. you may have no more than 10 players. To at least add a bit more control of the game, you also have another playable team member and it's the kicker, it's very simplistic,again no gimmicky fake punt or whatever Sounds like a negative review but in all honesty it's supposed to have quick plays and move on to the next game. i think it's pretty well made in all senses as a throwback and also as a good mobile game. the difficulty can be set in between games, and there's a feature that i really like the dynamic diff. the game scales in difficulty the better you play , i noticed a spike on difficulty but at that moment my team was really good so i guess it's only fair. all and all it's an instant favorite for me i see people complaining about the free one season ver. it's valid to feel a bit cheated but the game is really cheap and worthy of every penny.

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