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Love the game
What i find the more fun is the reference to other stories XD (DB/SW/HP/...) but the story of this game is really good, well written [開心][色色][哇噻]

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ufff en lo personal Guardian Tales fue la sorpresa del año pasado en cuanto a juegos móviles, lo descargue por qué buscaba un juego estilo RPG pero no quería algo de turnos, en cuanto lo ví me recordó a Zelda y vaya que tremenda sorpresa me lleve al ver que el juego es muy, muy, muy bueno, tanto que decidí hacer guías de él en mi canal de Youtube " Delasama Gamer" empecé haciendo una reseña y luego la gente me pidió más, hasta el momento tengo una guía completa de cada mundo, evento , cuento corto e historia extra que ah sacado el juego, todo al 100% . Lo vuelvo a decir, ya casi a 1 año de jugarlo dia a día y Guardian Tales es fácil uno de los mejores juegos gratis que existen en Android.



TL;DR first, Guardian Tales (GT) is a mobile pixel action rpg with one of best stories, challenging puzzle, and fun gameplay. If you're into a rpg or story game, you should give it a try. I try to write this review as spoiler-free as possible, let's start from the negative first. [Cons] - It's a pixel game, despite the pixel is modern and aesthetically pleasing, but still it's the most reason peoples skip to try to play GT. - Early character arts and game preview are not convincing. - Early story chapter feels very weak and random. Tho it will be masterpiece later on. - Story dialog is auto and a bit faster to read. - Puzzle is seriously challenging. If you're not good with these, you can just check on youtube or ask to community. Imo, it will be fun and feels good if you can clear it yourself without guide. (btw, i cleared all GT puzzle without guide until now [開心], ahem~ no one asking) - Challenge in this game is challenging too, especially time challenge and rules battle. That's all about skill, so can be very stressful, frustating, and make players less motivate. Pssst, if you're not good enough, just don't be a perfectionist and skipping some challenge is also an option. - Some contents are obviously designed for whale or tryhard type players (e.g. Kamazone, expedition, season achievements, etc). - Like most korean games, have some competitive feature and powercreep character is a normal thing. If you're just into pve contents and story, it's not affects much anyway. - Laggy, but the main reason is because of default setting, so it's easily fixed from adjusting in-game setting. - FUNtasy. [Pros] + FUNtasy. + Small game size. + The story is interesting, epic, and the main charm of this game. Also, it's mention lots of reference and humor. + Level cap limited by story world/chapter progression, so it's well balance. + Complex stage mechanisms from battle, puzzle, challenge, hidden/secret, etc. + Have a lot of QoL updates and keep updated. + F2P friendly, have a lot of freebies. Also, gem (GT currency) is easy to obtain, mostly come from weekly and guild contents. Tho most newbs or players who can't read don't know about this and complain, kek. + Easy to get character or weapon which you wants. + Stats increase from collection, progressing can be very fun and worth. + Various content, with various gameplay and uniqueness. + Can be played as very casual or competitive. Thanks to many number of contents. Imo GT suitable more like a side game than a main game. + Arts improved a lot. Also, japan version of GT is published by "Yostar", so global version have a button for switching character art to JP and viceversa. (fyi, JP art is kinda suggestive [白眼]) + Thanks to JP version too, some character get JP voice character and old story chapter have voices right now. + Catchy music, especially from gacha menu and bingo event. + The dev always gives their best for the player.

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